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Where to shop: Etsy!


Soft frillies

A soft snow has been falling on Brussels for the last few days. This morning it upgraded to “sticking” status so we are holed up here at Bear & Dragon. Staying warm, cozy and well-fed.

What to do for entertainment when the chance of getting outdoors is nil? How about some delicious internet window shopping. There no place I enjoy more for said shopping that Etsy. Collecting point for handmade, vintage and beautiful things. You can honestly find almost anything there! I have to admit, I really love special handmade things. The endless creativity of peope is amazing! Etsy is a website where artists and collectors can offer their wares for sale in one location. It is well organized and getting better all the time. I turned to Etsy when getting those special touches for my wedding, bababoo’s nursery and often for gifts. Although many sellers are in the US, it is truly a global market place and you can search for sellers in your country/area.

A feast for the eyes as well, it is truly a joy to peruse. So enough of me, happy perusing!

Some lovelies for your review




Perfect for a snowy day




Super chic diaper bag – they do exist

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