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Things to do with a kid or toddler in Brussels: Slide, climb and swing at Parc Georges Henri



Happy Saturday! Now three months after the arrival of babatwo, things have finally settled into a routine. That means more exploring new, cool things to do with babies, toddlers and kids around Brussels!

Its no secret that there are a wealth of fantastic parks in Brussels but Parc Georges Henris slides put all others to shame. I must admit, I had been through Parc Georges Henri before having kids and just made note of the nice walking paths and proximity to Capoue. Last fall, I met a friend there and was truly amazed at the great adventure set up they have.  Tons of climbing options, swings, tunnels and three octopus leg slides. I had the pleasure of going for a ride on this last visit and it was a blast until I landed with an ungraceful thud at the bottom. Old people don’t bounce :-).

The play area is more geared to the 3+ group with 5 – 7 as its sweet spot. There is a small toddler area but when checking out the main play areas with bababoo, she seemed bit overwhelmed, not to mention in danger of getting smushed by her marauding elders.

Besides the play area, there are nice fields for running and playing as well as an outdoor gym area in case you want to get in on the action. Don’t forget to treat the little ones to some yummy ice cream on the way out, if you dare.

Where: Square Meudon, 1200 Brussels (WOLUWE-SAINT-LAMBERT) near Metro Gribaumont. The play area is in the back of the park.

Georges Henri-2

From a high place

Georges Henri-3


Georges Henri-4

A lone toddler-friendly snail

Georges Henri-5

Chocolate glace. We dared. 🙂

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