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Things to do with a baby in Brussels: Visit a farm!


Let me in!

Howdy-ho folks! Spring is here to stay. We are so excited to get our sunshine on! Bababoo has had a busy week, taking first steps, babbling up a storm. One of her favorite things in the world is to read books. One of the big discoveries I have had as a new mom is that it is nearly impossible to find kid’s books that don’t feature animals in one way or another (why would you want to?!). So bababoo is quite well versed in chickens, cows, monkeys, elephants, lions, horses and sheep.

Well I realized the other day they though she knows them well in the pages of her favorite books, besides the occasional dog, cat or police horse, she had not seen many animals in person. Well the sun was shining and birds singing so we decided to pack it up and head out to one of Brussels many animal farms, La Ferme Nos Pilifs.

About a 20 minute drive from Chez Bear & Dragon, La Ferme is a true slice of heaven. In additional to lots of happy, well-cared for animals, they also have a lovely little cafe, organic food market and flower and plant nursery. Another really cool aspect is that it is largely run by people with physical or developmental handicaps, providing them with meaningful work and training.

We started with a quick bite in the cafe and soon took a walk to see the animals. We saw some of the greatest hits for sure. Zoe squealed, smiled, touched and altogether charmed a succession of donkeys, horses, cows, rabbits, geese, chickens, goats, sheep and baby lambs. Also two giant pigs that turned out to be favorites. I can only image that this was her first Disneyland-type experience of watching animals she was familiar with come to life before her very eyes. It was truly magical.

What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Apparently I had so much fun, I barely took any pictures. 🙂 I know we will be back many times! So check out the Ferme and soak in the sun and giggles.

Where: Trassersweg 347 – 1120 Bruxelles

When: Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 18pm and Sunday from 10am to 18pm

How much: Free!

Here are some other farms to consider. Did not check them out (yet) but they are on the list.

La Ferme de Parc Maximilian

La Ferme du Planois:




Bunny heaven


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