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Things to do with a Baby in Brussels: Rent a toy at the Ludotheque


View of a room

On rainy days like this, it is hard to get up the motivation to go outside. That turns one’s eye to available indoor options AKA toys and games. Well as much as I love new toys, and I DO love new toys, it gets to be a bit much when they are stacking up and Bababoo gives them no more than a fleeting glance. So what is a rain-avoiding momma to do? How about check out some new digs at the Ludothèque in Etterbeek. 

The Ludotheque is a Toy Library where you can check out toys. I was turned on to this resource back in the early fall and since selecting the “Musical Escargot” have been going regularly back for more. For the highly reasonable price of 0.50 EUR per week, you too can take home a new and exciting toys for your little one. Hooray!

In addition to toys, there are lots of games and puzzles for the older set. You can try before you rent in the small but well organized play space. Selecting your new friend is fairly straight forward in the catalogs where you can see pictures of the toys, their name and the recommended age. You can also preview the catalog and toys here.

Some of the toys are a little old (I am looking at you Sony cassette player!) but they are also classics. So stay dry and let the good times roll!

Where: Avenue Auderghem 233 – 1040 as well as many other locations. Check out the nearest here.

When: Hours vary by location but here is Etterbeek

Monday: 16h – 18h and Ready playroom

Tuesday: 15h – 17h and Ready playroom

Wednesday: 14h – 16h30 and Ready playroom

Thursday: 15h – 17h and Ready playroom

Saturday: 11am – 12.30pm and Ready playroom


Let’s play!


At your fingertips


Hours and hours of fun!


Have a dry seat

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