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Things to do with a baby in Brussels: Baby Yoga!


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With this post we travel back in time to before Bababoo was a champion speed crawler. To a gentler time when she was happy to gently roll around in front of the mirror and to be lifted, crunched with and generally used as exercise equipment. I am talking about Baby Yoga!

Back in September, I was turned on to several baby yoga options by the knower of all things wonderful, Katy Kefferpütz. She suggested two to try although in the end just one fit with our schedule (both are below). So I dug out the old yoga mat and away we went!

Housed in the Udi Malka dance studio, Sivananda Yoga is led by the ever smiling (even when several babies are screaming) Laia. The yoga room has one all mirror wall which is very fun and provides roughly an hour of entertainment for the babies, which is perfect since that is the length of the class. With your little one positioned next to you, you will stretch, go through classic but gentle yoga poses and if you are comfortable, you can incorporate your baby as well. If you are a yoga veteran then you will find the experience very gentle indeed, it is designed to help get the body moving again after birth, not necessarily to give you a super work out.

If your baby catches the zen mood then it makes for a delightful hour. Move, chat with other mommies, smile at babies and enjoy Laia’s patient instruction.

Open for little tiny babies up to crawlers. Once you baby clocks in at under 20 seconds to cross the room, your out. 🙂

Om shanti om.

Laia Puig Escandell – Sivananda yoga Udi Malka dance studio, Rue des Francs 51 Tuesday 1015 – 1130

Kristen Macpherson – Kundalini yoga (with songs etc. for babies too) At Kristen’s apartment, Rue Major Pétillon (Pétillon metro) Monday 1400 – 1515 Wednesday 0930 – 1045

Update: The Yoga Loft is a cozy space with pre and post natal yoga classes. They even have a babysitter on hand. Seriously.


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