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Spring lovin’


Buongiorno bellissima

Boy oh boy, is it nice out today!! Being a native Californian, my spring buzzer starts going nuts around the beginning of March. What starts as an annoying jingle soon becomes an all out four alarm fire of must have sun now-ness.  It is with great relief that the snooze button has been pushed by this lovely respite of kind weather.

That brings me to the nice park day I had with Bababoo today. Let me be honest by saying that the Bear and I are already anticipating a teenagehood on high alert. Zoe is tall, blond,  and with her nordic good looks (not from her momma, sadly), lets just say Bjorn is currently investigating gun laws in Belgium. Add to that her sparkling personality and appreciation of older boys and we have a real doozy on our hands.

Today is a perfect example. We were minding our own business, eating blueberries and breadsticks, when a older (maybe 2?) hazel-eyed Italian had to come over to say hi (buongiorno) to Zoe. Well, naturally she was all smiles and a terribley sweet baby flirtation ensued. Luckily I travel nowhere without my trusty Canon so here is the replay. Ahh sweet spring love!


Oh, why, hello handsome!


Ummm, Is that your mom?


Better kiss and run!


Good bye my prince

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