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Living the Wisteria Dream

It started as a dream. Founded in 1738, the Leuven Botanical Garden is the oldest botanical garden in Belgium, predating even the founding of the country. Initially developed by the University of Leuven, the gardens have evolved over the years to cover 2,2 hectares and include a collection of over 8,000 species from around the world. As spring is springing, the garden comes to life in a carefully curated explosion of color with all manner of blooming trees, daffodil borders, many varieties of bluebells and of course their hallmark, the Wisteria vines.

Lining a gorgeous walkway and the walls of the orangerie, an architectural gem in its own right, Wisteria creates voluminous clouds of blue and gold. Perfumed and luscious. It is truly a sight to behold. Last year I had the pleasure of launching a new Bear & Dragon adventure, Wisteria Dream, to capture families in this surreally beautiful Spring setting. It was such a wonderful time that I decided to do it again this year on April 29.

I hope you can join for the session, but even if not, get thee to these amazing gardens for a picnic or a quiet stroll. It is truly an oasis. Info on how to get there and opening hours to be found here! #bearanddragonphotography #leuvenbotanicalgardens #wisteria #wisteriadreams #springinbelgium #familyphotographer

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