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First look: Where the heart is


Where the heart is

Spring, spring, spring! Here we come. There are flowers, new leaves, good smells and smiling faces. Between the early thaw and some time away in Australia, it almost feels like winter just breezed by. Spring brings many new things and in the Bear & Dragon studio, it means lots of gorgeous new babies.

I had the pleasure of stepping out of the studio for a wonderful session with three week old Charlotte and her parents. Don’t get me wrong, I love the studio and the space I work in but it was also fun to work in a new space on a nice sunny day to captures some special moments. Being photographed in your home brings a different quality to the images. They feel more like memories. A slice of a time that whizzes by and almost seems surreal when looking back. I am grateful to have been asked to photograph this beautiful and growing family.






The grin


In the rainbow

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